Monday, June 13, 2011

Swimming at Big Rock Falls

Our new friend Juan guided us on an adventurous hike to Big Rock Falls.  Before we left it started pouring down rain, so we put on our rain jackets and hiked a couple of miles along the trail to Pravission Creek in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Preserve.  We stopped along the trail and Juan showed us lichen, leaf cutter ants, and many other native plants and animals. At the end of the trail was a long, steep hill down to the river.  We walked carefully across very slippery rocks and jumped  in the swimming hole. The water was refreshing, but not too cold. At first Juan wouldn't let us go to the upper pool of water with the big water fall.  But then he decided that it was safe enough so we went. We swam and got under the waterfall which felt great falling on our heads and backs. It stopped raining while we were swimming which made it warm and steamy. Then we hiked back to Pine Ridge Lodge to dry off, eat and do some leadership activities.

by EM, SHM, HS


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