Friday, June 17, 2011

Global Issues Training

Tonight, the kids are settled around tables working on an activity called "Utopia." They have been asked to prioritize approximately 20 goals established by the United Nations that address many of the problems that plague underdeveloped countries. Issues involve poverty and hunger, child mortality, maternal health, etc. We hope to use this activity and their youthful world-view as a jumping-off point for continued discussions back home about obstacles faced in meeting these difficult challenges.

UPDATE: We are in the middle of the most unbelievable rain. It is so loud on the tin roof in the dining room that we've had to break up and just go run around in the torrential downpour.

The kids are having a great time! Lots of smiles.

- Keith


Chelsy Hooper said...

Sounds great, would love to help expand on this activity next school year!

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