Friday, June 17, 2011

The Belize Zoo

by AGN, EC, EM

On Wednesday night, we took a special after hours trip to the Belize Zoo where we got to observe the nocturnal animals. The zoo is very important to Belize and they are really proud of it. The zookeeper, George, and Juan taught us about the history of The Belize Zoo and then we started our tour of the animals. Our group saw many interesting nocturnal animals that we'd been learning about, including the tapir, kinkajou, coati, howler monkey and the jaguar. George even gave us some food to feed the animals. We were surprised by the howler monkey's loud noise coming from such a small animal. One of the last animals we saw was the jaguar. It did some tricks for us in it's cage. We learned that the jaguar is an endangered animal and it is very important to the country of Belize. At the end of our trip, some of our group got to hold a boa constrictor. Seeing the nocturnal animals was a once in a lifetime experience and we learned a lot.


fibercontent said...

I love all the pictures--I hope you are having a great time.
Ms. Smith

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